Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I think this can generate income...

I registered with this software in the last 2 years. I just found it again and the website has been upgraded and very impresive for me you may look at this site first and then give us your commnet, how interesting this thing to you k...

thanks anywhere..

And you may request the song above to your mobile phone. Just posting your request here and you will be send the address for you to download directly to your mobile phone.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Cashflow Increase This Month

olaa friends,

my cashflow increase this month..please read you will find it more...

thank you for visiting my blog. today i want to share with you some information which generate me income everyday. ok !! let me explain, i got it from prepaid topup..and this is not like other prepaid.. no need to find downline or everything else like other prepaid scheme..

One special thing is this prepaid topup generete income myself.. ok this is what i got profit..i join one of the wholesaler prepaid in malaysia, then i make 2 kind of profit

1. i got rm 10 celcom and maxis for only rm 5.83 i sell it around rm 9 and i got profit on it. now i sold more than 500 top up card for more than 3 shops only.

2.i got bonus for rm 10 each topup prepaid card. ok now let talk about the profit rm 10 bonus x 500 = tel me how much you got..? IS IT RM 5000++?

if you count it true..yes that is true...correct calculation..

beside google this is my other income...try it you will never introduce other people. start small then make it big.

from 3 phone shop where selling topup prepaid card, they only make profit rm 0.50 for 1 topup card. in my experience, when i sell this topup price to the phone shop.. he really exciting..they really want..

thank you and contact me if you want to join this exciting you know...but one more thing you have to remember we don't know how long it will last..but now!! i make money on this..



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Monday, April 23, 2007

First day..?

Hello, how are you all..?

thanks for staying with us..the important thing is google adsense. there are more tips, you can use paid advertising to start your campaign. let everybody click your page at google ads. but remember to select good advertising campaign, i suggeting you can make an estimation for your budget and no of clicks for you money.

thanks and have a nice day!! hey!! start you googgle adsense onow!!


Friday, April 20, 2007

People ask me about make money online..

Hello readers,

i don't know actually is it real or not, but what I find out internet business make me real in "Virtual World". I don't trust internet can give me money for the first time but when I got one shot only for a few hours by selling e-book in the year of 2004, I earn usd 15++.++ by selling electronic products, then I really trust in making money online.

Just seat in front of your computer and take a lausy efford and get huge money. Now after I've been banned by my credit card merchant which is the best credit card merchant i ever use, I start using google adsense in making money online.

Don't tell other people..shhhhh...I benned by because I'm selling service which are prohibitted by, do you know what service is that..??? It's forex signal services, but I made usd 950 in just 3 weeks. The best thing about this signal is no stock and no shipping cost involved.

Find out the best merchant you can use at

Thank you for reading my blog but stay tunne because there is a tips coming up tomorrow.!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Todays Earn from Google Adsense

Hello friends,

I'm start making money on this from march..only last month without doing to much work just take part time seat in front of my computer i made usd 47. We will look this month how much is the amount.

But for today until today I made usd 19..may be it will start earning much much more on the next months because it takes time to achieved.

I have read one of the malaysia internet entreprenuer, he earn 4000+ just in 3 months from adsense. Just imagine if you make that..simple and easy.

Stay with us you may get tips from now I will ready to help you..

Thank you...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Adsense Bologer

Hello all Readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Beside this blog you can access my other blog if it suitable to your interest at

Why? because you, I don't want you to lose one of the best place in Sabah.

Ok, Now let get back to our topic..have make money online I mean Huge money beside selling goods and services? But most of you loss in the net after disappointed in making money online. Selling products and services needs selling strategies and to work on and you have to set your advertising budget.

I'm making money online with google. Easy using adsense, I'm using 5 e-books which help teach me how to generate income from Google Adsense.

I think you will find something there, but if you still cannot get what the e-book want? post your comment here I will ready to help you with SIMPLE AND EASY RULE IN MAKING MONEY USING ADSENSE. Many thing you can download here for FREE to prove you how easy in making money with adsense.

Sometimes you don't believe me but its true after active in adsense in Mac 2007 I made USD 47 only by post your site at the major search engine at google, msn and yahoo.

Thank you and have a nice day!!


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